Animal Nutrition

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The absolute necessity for animal protein in an inclusive diet has given rise to the surge of awareness in the animal husbandry sector in Nigeria.

This paved the way for ingenious methods of introducing various micronutrients into livestock for better yield.

For over 20 years, Bio-Mix has done just this and has dominated the market as the most trusted and reliable poultry premix brand.

Bio-Mix provides the essential vitamins, minerals and trace elements requirement for optimum performance and productivity. This generated an offshoot of Bio-Mix ranges to cater for the booming livestock industry.

We have re-introduced the Technical After Sales service (TASS) initiative with a bang. This is an operational division that offers all veterinary services for best-in class customer experience

Our detailed HACCP plan for each product and robust traceability plan put confidence in quality, hence with BNSL limited; our customers can always feel safe.

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