Ifeayins Cuatomer

Good Shepherd Veterinary Services

Bio-Vitastress is the best vitamin and anti-stress I have used so far. The smell attracts birds so much and as well arrest any form of stress in the poultry farm. I recommend Bio-Vitastress for any form of stress in both large and small animals.

O King Veterinary Services

Coccifor is a magic drug. It wipes off Coccidiosis within 3-4 days. I used it in a protracted case of Coccidiosis in my 8 weeks old broilers where embazine forth and embaccoc failed me. I was extremely happy after using it. Coryl-sp and Bio-Vitastress are excellent brooding drugs. I don’t miss them during brooding. Coryl-sp has specifically saved me in a case of coryza I encountered in my pullets about to lay.