Unity's Customer

George Veterinary Services

I have used Coryl-sp and Bio-Sel in my poultry and can attest to the efficiency of Bio-Sel in prevention of easy egg breakage, increase in hatchability, and egg enhancement quality.

Jappar Feeds

We at Jappar Feeds are saying a very big thank you to BNSL for bringing solutions to farmers and feed millers in Edo state. Farmers have continued to visit Jappar vet shops and feed mill to demand for BNSL products. With this, we are saying thank you to BNSL for quality service delivery.

Progress Farms and Agrovet Agency

I am attesting to the effectiveness of Coccifor and Bio-Vitastress as products that have helped my birds to withstand coccidiosis and stress. At application, birds responses are very fantastic and within 24hrs the coccidiosis is eliminated from the flock. These two brands produced by BNSL is helping farmers to overcome management stress and above all have high productivity at harvest…Thank you BNSL.